Friday, March 11, 2011


Go Italiano!
First we went French.
Yesterday, we went Brazilian & Indian.
It's high time we go Italiano!
Bisquisito's  Biscotti is available in many flavours that you'll dream of the delicious Biscotti even during the day! Bisquisito was born from two Italian words; Biscotti & Squisito which mean 'Baked Twice' and 'Delicious'.
If you're new to this idea of Italian Biscotti, this is the time to indulge in Italian culture.

Biscotti is traditionally served with a drink, into which they may be dunked. In Italy, they are served typically with vin santo. Nowdays, it accompanies coffee, cappuccinos, lattes or black tea. You may have seen them filling the transparent glass jars on counter tops of famous coffee places around Kuala Lumpur and of course in quaint cafes in Italy!

For this deal, you'll get a box of Biscotti, 24 pieces of wonderful flavours of Tutty Fruity, Almond Mango, Healthy Marble and Pecan Butterscotch. Each box contains 4 individually packed Biscotti, each a different flavour, 6 pieces to a pack. If that doesn't blow you away, the FREE gift would. For every 5 boxes purchased, you'll get 6 pieces of Pistachio Cherry Biscotti for FREE! 
Don't even get us started on the usual price of a piece of Biscotti in the coffee places. Hint hint, Rm4.90 per piece!
Bisquisito also offers home made Granola that's rich with flavourful walnuts, oats, rice crispies, dried apples, sultanas, sunflower seeds, honey and corn oil, among others.
The Biscotti is great as wedding favours, door gifts and hampers too!

Nak dapat spesel price?? go MILKADEAL!

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